Chidakasha – How to get to that Inner Space


There is a section in Central Park called the North Woods, a delightful path through
protective trees and a stream that invites you to sit and meditate. Walking along hearing the song of the trees singing in the gentle breeze that warned of a hot day ahead, my soul was soothed. Water cascading down in a waterfall that was partially man made had the calming affect on my mind that I was seeking.

I turned to walk back the way I came. Turning back on that which is known and seeing
that which I had not seen before. The view from this new direction gave me the feeling of being on a new path. Perhaps if we could view the path of our life from this perspective we would see a different view of ourselves. It is similar to that moment when you see yourself on video, a different view that is from the outside.

Inner vision, this is what the natural world provides for us. Our inner world, inner psychic space is nurtured by nature. This inner space is called chidakasha by the ancient yogis.
Tradition suggests that one should meditate in a natural space free from disturbances. I can understand this as my own practice reveals to me that inner space. The most common scenes are one of nature. So the more we expose ourselves to nature in the outer world, the more in tune we can become with that inner space.

The practice of Chidakasha Dharana is one that is evocative and enticing. It only gets better and better with practice. It is easy and safe to do as well.

Chidakasha Dharana
space between the eyes – to concentrate

Stage 1
Stone statue
Sit erect , closed eyes
Become completely aware of your body
Rotate your awareness through out your body
Become steady and immobile
Feel that you are a stone statue

Stage 2
Aum 7 times
Feel the vibrations resonating throughout the body

Stage 3
Breath Awareness
There must be unbroken and unceasing of the breathing process establish this connection to the breath and its rhythm
Feel the breath in, as two flows of air move upwards and meet at the eye brow center
Breath out, the two flows diverge from the eyebrow center and move downwards in the shape of an inverted V.
Feel the air being sucked in this manner and feel the air being gently force out
Be aware……………… this for some minutes

Stage 4
Look at the space in front of your eyes – chidakasha
merely watch
look deeply

Stage 5
Placing a symbol on your inner screen
Place your chosen symbol on the screen of your mind
Try to imagine that there is nothing else but this symbol
Practice this as long as it is comfortable

Stage 6
Aum 7 times while gazing at the space behind your eyelids.

Be aware of your body once again and your surroundings, then open your eyes
this ends the practice

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