God and my granddaughter

I am not sure how we got on the topic but there I was explaining to my granddaughter the concept of God.

I was explaining to my granddaughter what “God” is. I asked her to close her eyes and think of her mother, then a tree, a dog, etc… I explained to her that what she was seeing in her minds eye was an image of a thought. God is the moment before the thought and it is from that moment that all of creation happens and continue to happen. God is the presence before the seed of a tree is a seed, the presence that created water, the sun, the rain, you and me. She had no problem understanding this and went off to play.

In meditation the objective can be to experience that moment before a thought. We do it through involution, a turning inward. The steps can be something like this: Being present with the breath, watching your thoughts as they arise, observing the creation of your own thought, suppression of all thoughts, observing the pure vibration of the thought before it becomes a thought. This can eventually help one experience the presence, the seed that contains the movement of presence. When one experiences this and sustains it, it is samadhi – union with the Divine Source or God.

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