Reiki Master Training

Why I Practice and teach Reiki

Reiki has become very well known in the healing community over the past 20 years. As a hands on healing modality that one can use for one’s own health or for others.

It is recognized and used in the medical community, especially nurses.
What is Reiki? As a yogi and polarity therapist I understand Reiki as a transference of a Mantra into the programing of one’s chakra system. This amazing process is achieved by  an attunement given to the student by a Reiki Master. The Reiki symbols are symbols of the phrases or mantras that we use in Reiki to turn on the healing force. Once you have become a Reiki Master you will be able to pass this work on to others and use it as a healing modality with your clients in private sessions.
It blends beautifully with the Polarity Balancing. I felt that the intelligence of the Polarity Therapy system deveolped by Dr. Stone steps in and completes where Reiki was lacking for me. Where you put your hands does make a difference. When you place your hands in the appropriate sequence on the body for that person healing takes place faster and remains intact. Otherwise the Reiki energy will work to a degree and then dissipate as it loses it force trying to find its way to the areas that are seeking balance. This is why I feel that Reiki is best combined with Polarity and Reiki enhances the sensitivity of the practitioners hands.

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There are 4 levels of Training

Level 1 & 2 can be done in two consective days  $340 at the Level 2 you can begin treating clients

Level 3 & 4 Master level a month after 1&2  $500 as a Reiki Master you can then attune others and practice as a Reiki Master


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