Tejaswi – Frances Babb ERYT, CMT, APP

Tejaswi -(tay-juh-swee)  A name bestowed upon Frances by Amma means ” one filled with effulgent light”

After many years of yoga and meditation practice I have gained an understanding of the elements and how we are living expressions of each of the elements at every moment. Health is a result of the elements dancing together in harmony within us.

When we are out of harmony we feel it. Some experience it as an imbalance structurally, emotionally, mentally or all the above.

I serve you by incorporating 20 years as a Certified Massage Therapist, Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master and BodyMaster. I also have extensive knowledge of the yogic-based diet, lifestyle and its healing potential, thereby helping clients and students through the maze of how to heal.

Tejaswi- Frances Babb received her Polarity Therapy training from Roger Gilchrist MA, RPP, RCST®, founder of the Wellness Institute in NYC    She  is also certified BodyMaster™ yoga teacher, polarity therapist and minister. “I began my training at the age of 15, with my first yoga teacher. I have studied in depth Sivananada Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.”

I am available for Healing Sessions,
Private and Group Yoga classes
Retreats, Workshops, and Polarity Yoga Teacher Trainings

To Schedule a Session Please call
Frances at 571-228-7588
NYC, VA, MD and PA

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