Polarity Yoga Teacher Training

Polarity Yoga Teacher Training


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Dr Randolph Stone studied yoga asana in depth and from his profound knowledge of the human energy system he gleaned what was essential in yoga asanas and developed a series of asanas/movements that are therapeutic for one’s health and well being.  The main objective of Polarity Yoga is to release the subtle energy tension fields and stress blocks in our body, allowing our energy to flow freely. Each Polarity exercise brings to our attention various energy blockages in our system, areas causing us tension and pain, and the movements, breath and sound releases them.

Removing stagnation and accumulated gases, resulting in harmony within ourselves and our environment. Helping one attain better digestion and weight loss.

Postural positions have their relation to the elements,the tattwas – through the connective tissue or tension fields in the body the positions end up moving the deeper energy currents of the body. This is accomplished by the way that the postures put stress on the tension field in the connective tissue ligaments of the joints of the body, which are the cross-over points of energy flow in the structure.

“I could feel the weight of grief in my being but nothing lifted it. Then I had a session of Polarity Yoga with Frances and it was amazing. The weight lifted and in its place was joy!
More importantly it is lasting.” -JK

“My range of motion was getting more restricted and my pelvic area weaker by the day. Polarity Yoga targeted the areas I needed to work on and now I am seeing the changes happening – for the better!” – UL

These exercises are for everyone and can be added to your yoga classes and private practice to enhance them and benefit your students.

This is one in the series of workshops in the “Yogic Healer Training”© designed by Frances Tejaswi ERYT, CMT, APP

In this Polarity Yoga Level One training we will:

* see the connections between the latent energy fields in the body
* the first phase of postures and how to teach them\

* their purpose and why they work


YOUR STUDIO! Call me to set a date

FEE: $320 per teacher training

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