Polarity Balancing How it Works

Polarity Balancing is an energy based, gentle, loving, hands-on healing system. It uses the subtle energy mapping of the human body, developed by Ayurvedic Medicine, to demonstrate how the body’s internal energy currents flow.
The Ayurvedic System of healing is based on the understanding of the Cosmic Five Elements. The Cosmic Five Elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each element correlates to a different energy system.

ETHER – The Ether Element correlates to the Nervous System.
AIR – The Air Element correlates to the Heart and Lungs.
FIRE – The Fire Element correlates to Digestion.
WATER – The Water Element correlates to the Lymphatic and Reproductive systems.
EARTH – The Earth correlates to the Large Intestine, large muscles and bones.

Each element has three electrical charges of positive, negative and neutral. These three electrical charges maintain and operate each element. When a person manifests any kind of pain, imbalance or disease, there is a short circuit in the electricity of one of the elements. The trained practitioner simply re-connects the three electrical charges of the element that is out of balance. Once this occurs, the person often feels better.

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